Preparing Australian pharmacy interns for employment

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is committed to the future of all pharmacists and works hard to ensure interns are equipped with practical skills and the latest clinical knowledge to succeed in the industry. By employing a Guild Intern, you’ll help strengthen and grow the community pharmacy industry and have the opportunity to drive progressive, professional programs for your pharmacy.

Course Delivery

The Guild ITP is delivered through a combination of online learning and two, two day face-to-face workshops held at multiple locations across Australia. These workshops are scheduled well in advance and held at multiple session times to help you and your intern plan ahead.

Preceptor Support and Resources

The Guild Intern Training Program strives to ensure that both interns and preceptors get the most out of their time together, which is why we have developed a number of resources, including:

  • Guild ITP Preceptor Manual:

    detailing everything you’ll need for your time as a preceptor including a comprehensive checklist to help you manage your time and ensure both parties get the most out of the internship

  • myCPD Preceptor Modules:

    The Guild Pharmacy Academy has created a series of four (4) CPD accredited modules to aid preceptors in managing the learning environment and mentoring their intern. All preceptors of Guild interns will be able to gain access to these educational modules through the Guild’s free CPD platform, myCPD.

Intern Positions

Have an intern position available? Advertise your vacancy online by completing this form.

Rural Intern Training Allowance

Established under the 5CPA, the Rural Training Allowance (RTA) provides financial support to assist intern pharmacists from rural and remote areas to access compulsory intern training program activities. Visit the 6CPA website to learn more.

Becoming a Preceptor

As outlined in the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s Registration Standard, to be approved as preceptor a pharmacist must:

  • Hold general registration
  • Have held general registration and practised as a pharmacist in Australia for a minimum of 12 months in the area of practice where the supervised practice is to be conducted (e.g. hospital or community pharmacy practice), unless the pharmacist has been registered for a shorter period and is approved by the Board to act as preceptor.
  • Be practising in pharmacy premises (i.e. community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy department), or in other premises suitable for conducting supervised practice as determined by the Board on a case-by-case basis (e.g. a pharmaceutical company or pharmacy teaching institution)
  • Not have conditions placed on his or her general registration that would impact on their ability to conduct the supervised practice of the intern, and
  • Have suitable relevant training or experience to act in this role. To apply for approval of a preceptor and premises, an application must be made by a final year pharmacy student / pharmacy graduate. The application must be lodged and approved by the Australian Pharmacy Board before any approved supervised practice can take place.
  • Further information on the application process is available by viewing the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s Intern Pharmacists and Preceptor Guide available here.

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