How to have a ‘Merry Pharmacy Christmas’!

Just when you thought the craziness of exams and assignments was over and you could relax a little, pharmacies are now preparing for the rush of extended Christmas trading, school holidays and customers trying to reach their Safety Net limit!

Are you a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Year Pharmacy student looking for work during the Uni holidays?
This is the busiest time of year for pharmacies, and they are often looking for extra staff to cope with the increased script numbers. Now is the time to get out there and let employers know you’re available.
Do you have a Resume prepared? Here is something we prepared earlier to help you find a job!
Words of advice when preparing a Resume:

  • Use a template- it’s a resume, not a Christmas card, keep it clear and easy to read.
  • Be professional- talk more about your skills and abilities than your sporting achievements
  • All experience counts! It doesn’t have just to be in pharmacy… Working for the last two years in a clothing store proves you would have great customer service experience!
  • So does training- it demonstrates to your future employer that you are keen to learn and continually develop your skills…
  • Include the details of any Professional referees that can be contacted during work hours.
  • Double check for spelling mistakes.

Are you a Pharmacy Student already working in Pharmacy?

If you are already working in pharmacy you might know that the busy Safety Net time is the perfect way to increase your dispensing speed and efficiency.

Here’s some additional skills you will develop while working in pharmacy during this busy time:

  • Effective interaction with your customers- build rapport and improve your confidence
  • Companion selling- improve customer service by asking questions, offering advice and recommending companion pharmacy products to meet their needs and increase sales!
  • Increasing Professional Services- as you interact with a customer, you may record a Clinical Intervention, identify the opportunity for a Medscheck or even the need for the Pharmacist to issue a Leave Certificate.

Your Pharmacy will love you for providing a health solution to the customer!

  • Increase prescription numbers- PBS scripts can be dispensed every 21 days. So if your customer has reached the Safety Net limit, they may want you to dispense their medications more regularly.

The customers will appreciate the offer!

  • Working with others – the pharmacy will be busy with lots of different staff around you and this will give you the opportunity to work with different personalities and levels of experience. But most importantly – be part of a TEAM!

One more tiny piece of advice for surviving Christmas in pharmacy; try to ignore the Christmas carols! You may get tired of hearing “Jingle Bells” all day, but the customers love it!

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