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With Semester One (or Trimester) edging ever closer, it’s probably time to start thinking about the study year ahead. And while heading to Office Works and stocking up on new highlighters and post-it notes is certainly one way of preparing (personally, my idea of HEAVEN!) – we thought we’d offer you a few digital options for keeping on track.

  • 1. WunderList: Wunderlist is a cross-platform, desktop and mobile to-do list manager with apps for iOS and Android. It’s also a webapp, so you seriously have no reason to be without your to-dos on any platform you choose. It’s simple and easy to use and offers all the helpful tools to keep you on track with your study load, like timed reminders, recurring to-dos, separate reminders from the task due date (good if you’re working toward draft deadlines etc.) plus notes and additional info associated with your to-dos. You can share your to-dos with others, create multiple categories and more.
  • 2. Evernote: As the logo would suggest, Evernote is like a big digital elephant that never forgets. You can create project-to-do lists, write reminders and even draw a sketch or attach media. Like WunderList, Evernote is a cross-platform program allowing you to capture information once, and it’s instantly available on all of your devices. Capture entire webpages, lecture notes and recordings in this one, resourceful little beauty.
  • 3.Focus@Will: Studies from the University of Birmingham show that music is effective in “raising efficiencies in repetitive work”. But if you are required to use a little more brainpower, finding the perfect playlist can be a little difficult. Enter – SCIENCE. The good folk over at Focus@Will have created scientifically optimised music that helps you focus on the task at hand. The only catch is that there is a subscription fee – so if you’re already paying for Spotify you might want to use the sites samples as a good jumping off point to curating your own study session playlist. #LifeHack

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