Stress and wellbeing survey

You are invited to complete a Stress and Wellbeing Survey being conducted by a team headed by Emeritus Professor Colin Chapman, Immediate Past Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University on behalf of the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) an organisation established in Victoria in 1995 to provide assistance and support in necessitous cases to persons who are practising pharmacists, pharmacy interns and students in Australia.

The survey consists of an on-line questionnaire of pharmacists, intern pharmacists and pharmacy students working in any branch of the profession in Australia, and is being undertaken to help the PSS and other professional organisations respond to identified stressful issues and situations.
The survey is now available on-line.
Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary and is anonymous.

The survey is unique in that it does not seek to undertake an in-depth exploration of the causes of stress – a lot of this is already well known – but instead focuses on:

  • How respondents cope with the pressures associated with today’s challenging economic and regulatory environment
  • What sorts of barriers they encounter when seeking assistance
  • How well prepared they are to manage workplace related stress.

The expected benefits of this research project are:

  • Collection of information that can assist the profession to better support pharmacists in their professional capacity
  • Improvement in the resilience of pharmacists, intern pharmacists and pharmacy students
  • Development of strategies that can be adopted to assist pharmacists, intern pharmacists and pharmacy students cope with the many and varied challenges they experience in the profession
  • Provision of information to the Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation Inquiry currently underway.

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