The Guild ITP is a great program for interns. Having gone through my internship year with the Guild ITP, I know that the program is well structured and the content is very relevant to the “real world”. Not onlydoes the program prepare the interns for their exams, it also helps shape them into great pharmacists. Thus, I have since recommended it to all the new graduates looking for a good ITP!

– Vivien Ong, Guild Intern 2013 and Guild Preceptor 2016

I feel that the Guild ITP has prepared me to be a good pharmacist. The program was very well organised and the workload was very manageable. I would definitely recommend this training program to all aspiring pharmacists.

– Stephanie Galibert, Guild Intern 2016

The Guild ITP prepared me well for both of my registration exams, which I passed on my first attempts. It was easy to follow and relevant in content. The tutors are easy to contact and very helpful. I would recommend this program to any graduate and I’m glad that it’s the one I selected.

– Colleen Crowley, Guild Intern 2012 and Guild Preceptor 2015

The Guild Intern Training Program prepares you to be a leader in community pharmacy. The tutors are experienced and supportive. I have made great leaps towards becoming an excellent pharmacist and the Guild ITP has helped structure this learning experience.

– Unni Kumar, Guild Intern 2015

I have enjoyed my time as an intern pharmacist and have learned a great deal over the course of a year. The Guild Intern Training Program has been an excellent training course and has prepared me very well for my intern exams and for real life practice.

– Pavlos Papaparlou, Guild Intern 2014

The Guild ITP gave me the edge over the interns who were in other ITP programs. They often envied the amount of materials supplied to us as well as the care and support shown by the Guild ITP tutors. Going to APP2014 was a real highlight and I have made great networking connections with some great industry leaders/veterans.

– Ritchie Chou, Guild Intern 2014

The extra attention provided through workplace visits really sets the Guild’s intern training program apart from other providers. The one-on-one time was invaluable as I was able to run through a list of questions with my tutor which helped clarify and focus the direction of my portfolio and study. I have felt incredibly supported through the program and could contact the tutor at any time if I had a question. The workshops have given me with a clear idea of what to expect for the oral exam and the practice questions provided by the Guild for the written exam were accurate and valuable for my preparation. APP was a standout experience as well featuring incredible speakers and engaging content throughout the intern specific workshops. The program has been a fantastic experience I’m now fully prepared to step into the role of pharmacist in charge at Robert Tomarttchio’s Guardian Pharmacy.

– Shari Pitcher, Guild Intern 2013

I really enjoyed the Guild’s intern training program. The course was well structured and class times convenient, giving me plenty of time to finish my assignments. The material covered has been applicable to my everyday work as an intern pharmacist. APP was a major highlight as my first big industry conference. It provided a great opportunity to network with key people from the industry and to explore the impressive trade exhibition. The oral exam preparation was another highlight allowing me to approach the exam with confidence. I’m looking forward to beginning my career as a fully registered pharmacist and feel the Guild’s intern training program has given me all the skills I need.

– Sabina Bialkowski, Guild Intern 2013

The Guild ITP was a massive help in helping me successfully complete my intern year. The tutors were easy to approach and were very knowledgeable. The program provided me with plenty of resources to help study and revise for the examinations.

– Christopher Hawe, Guild Intern 2016

It’s fantastic to have such experienced Clinical Tutors deliver an ITP that both supports and encourages community pharmacy. It’s great to see the guidance my Interns get from the program, and I also feel that I am well supported in my role as preceptor.

– Chris Owen, Guild Preceptor 2016

The Guild ITP provided me with the skills and tools I needed to pass both exams, and to feel prepared to practice as a registered pharmacist. The assignments and portfolio gave me a chance to extend and consolidate the knowledge I gained from university and my internship. The workshops were really enjoyable and were delivered in a way that was easy to follow and get involved in.

– Amy Hodder, Guild Intern 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my year as an intern pharmacist and I believe this is due to being part of the Guild ITP. Throughout the training program I learnt so much and the content was extremely relevant. The tutors were very helpful with exam preparation and were always available to answer any questions. I feel theGuild ITP has given me the skills I need to begin my career as a fully registered pharmacist and I would highly recommend the program to future interns.

– Shelby Grant, Guild Intern 2015

It’s fantastic to have such experienced Clinical Tutors deliver an ITP that both supports and encourages community pharmacy. It’s great to see the guidance my Interns get from the program, and I also feel that I am well supported in my role as preceptor.

– Sam Garnham, Preceptor & Pharmacy Owner

Choosing the Guild ITP was the best choice I could have made for preparing myself for my career as a pharmacist. The flexible assessment timelines, highly relevant content, amazing clinical tutors (that were always there to answer even the silliest of questions) and outstanding exam preparation made it the rightchoice for me. Attending APP was most definitely one of the best parts; it was amazing to have the opportunity to attend clinical workshops and talk to other pharmacists and health professionals about issues/challenges facing the industry. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Guild ITP to any graduates starting their intern year!

– Sarah Risdale, Guild Intern 2014

I have been really happy with the program, it’s always a challenge to study and work full time however the course structure has made this manageable. I absolutely loved APP and felt the quality of the speakers and content covered was exceptional, it was also a great opportunity to get to know some of the suppliers. Theexam preparation helped set expectations and I was really impressed with how easily I could contact the tutors if I had a question. I also enjoyed Tim’s workplace visit as it provided a good opportunity to clarify assignments. I’m thrilled that my intern year has helped me secure a job and I’m looking forward applying my knowledge in the industry.

– Olivia Lancini, Guild Intern 2013

No one knows Community Pharmacy like the Guild. The Guild ITP is a win/win/win. It provides great training for my Interns which incentivises me to keep up to date with CPD. It provides the best Intern Training Course for the Intern Pharmacist, and it is good for the future of Community Pharmacy.

– Glenn Ward, Preceptor and pharmacy owner

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